How many times have you taken your dog to the dog park only to realize when it's time to leave that they are a muddy mess?  Well that doesn't have to happen ever again!!  The K9 Shower is here to rescue your upholstery!! This "pawesome" invention allows you to fill it with warm water before heading out to the park.  The water stays warm so when it comes time to use it, Fido won't put up such a fuss.  Attach to any car window and let gravity do the rest!!  The stream is strong enough to wash your dogs underside, paws, and anywhere else that needs de-mudding! Towel Dry and then you're ready to go with a clean pup in tow!!

You can also set this up outside of the back door to keep the mud outside where it belongs.  If you're interested in adding The K9 Shower to your pup's routine, click here.