While Memorial Day is fast approaching, surely you're preparing menus, who to invite, how much seating you'll need, and a million other things before your cookout guests arrive.  Many folks forget to plan for the four-legged attendees.  These tips will help guarantee that Fido stays safe and everyone has fun this Memorial Day!

1 - Be sure your dog is wearing his/her collar and ID tags.  You cannot guarantee that your guests are going to follow the same precautions that you do for your pups.  So, just in case, make sure they are able to be identified if they somehow get loose.

2 - Be sure that you keep things like charcoal, lighter fluid and matches out of the reach of your pups (and some of your guests surely, LOL)

3 - Even if your dog is used to being off leash on your property, you may want to consider leashing them.  Tables of food that may not be safe for your dog as well as hot grills are temptations for your dog.  Your dog isn't going to realize they can be burned by checking out the grill until it's too late.  Who can resist a grilled hamburger?!

4 - Be mindful of citronella candles and other insect repellents that may harm your pet.  Hot citronella wax is a sure way to ruin your festivities!!  Only use pet-safe repellents on your dogs - human products are NOT ok for dogs.

5 - Never ever leave alcoholic beverages within reach of pets.  (if the pets can reach them so can any children in attendance)

6 - Address your guests in advance about not giving Fido people food.  You cannot guarantee the amount of food or that it is necessarily safe if your guests are allowed to free feed people scraps to your pup.  We suggest having treats readily available for your guests to treat Fido with. 

7 - Be mindful of children rough housing near your pets.  This one is self explanatory.

8 - You can clearly see when your dog has had enough.  If they appear to be overwhelmed they probably are.  You should put them inside in a bedroom or other area where they can relax, be calm, and not be affected by the fast paced often times loud festivities taking place.

9 - We suggest a garbage with a nice tight lid.  Things like used bamboo skewers are tasty meat sticks to your pets - these as well as bones will almost guarantee an emergency trip to the vet and can result in serious harm and death to Fido.


Remember - common sense is gonna go a long way when it comes to cookouts and your pets.  Stay safe and enjoy your Memorial Day!!