A dog walker who reported six of her clients dogs stolen from her pick up truck at a local dog park in Vancouver, will face cruelty and public mischief charges.  It was discovered that the dogs actually succumbed to heat stroke while left in her vehicle, and she simply dumped them in a ditch.  Petsearchers Canada, a dog tracking agency in Vancouver made the discovery while investigating their "abduction".  The dog walker also lost one of her own dogs in the vehicle. 

Under Canadian Law, the woman faces Animal Cruelty charges following an investigation by the SPCA.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating and will likely lodge public mischief charges against her for the false police report.  

The temperature that day was around 70 degrees, the temperature inside the woman's vehicle likely climbed into the high 90s+.  Local community members that banded together to post missing/stolen posters and that spent hours searching for the dogs feel duped.  "So many people, upon the initial report coming out, invested time and effort into helping look for the dogs and coming to the rally.  We had people drive from Chilliwack to Vancouver to to pick up posters to put in their neighborhood, believing that the dogs had been stolen," said Al McLelland, owner of Petsearchers Canada.