Halloween is NOT a good night to take your dogs along trick or treating.  Follow these quick tips to keep Fido out of harm's way tonight. 

1.  Leave your dog at home!!   Imagine what your dog must be thinking as they walk past all the people in masks, wearing wings, helmets, and all sorts of extras!  Your dog will be more likely to react to these things, become scared and try to flee, or worse, bite out of fear. 

2.  Your dog doesn't need to answer the door for trick or treaters!  Keep your pups safely away from the frequent door opening and closings to pass out candy.  The last thing you need is for your pup to scoot out of the door! 

3.  Protect your dogs from candy.  Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs and all of your little ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are bringing home bags and buckets of poison for your dog.  Keep it in a safe place, and monitor small children that may not know well enough to not share with Fido!! 

4.  Remove masks, hoods, wigs, etc, when around your dog.  This one is pretty self explanatory.  If your dog doesn't recognize you, its likely you're not going to get the type of behavior you normally would and they may react accordingly. 


Follow these safety tips and your pups will be just fine!  Happy Howl-ween!