Tough Pups Guide To Buying Safe, Healthy Pet Food and Treats

1.  READ THE ENTIRE LABEL!  By law, manufacturers must list ingredients starting with what there is the most of on down to what there is the least of.  If you have any questions, or arent sure what some of the ingredients are, then DO NOT BUY THEM!  There are just too many options on the market where you can identify what the ingredients are without a dictionary.

2.  VERIFY WHERE THEY WERE MADE!  Foreign countries have different guidelines for manufacturing and are not held to the same standards as US Manufacturers are.  If you cannot verify that they were MADE IN THE USA, DO NOT BUY THEM. **And beware! Companies have started to stamp packages as "Distributed in the USA" - don't fall for that!!  These treats are manufactured in foreign countries and then simply shipped here to be packaged or distributed.

3.  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!  Now is not the time to be cheap!  We suggest that you avoid many of the options that you find in the grocery store - items like Pup-Peroni and the like are very unhealthy for your pet and contain many food dyes, fillers, etc that can be harmful to your pet.  

4.  LOOK FOR ITEMS WITH LIMITED INGREDIENTS!  When you think about it, why should there be 60 ingredients in a dog treat?  Companies like Pure Bites (which is a single ingredient treat), Wagatha's(an organic Vermont biscuit maker with limited high quality ingredients) are very healthy options that your pets will love!!

5.  GO VEGGIE!  Dogs often love baby carrots, blueberries, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables.  Be mindful not to over-treat these, as you could deal with diarrhea because of the water content in some veggies, and also - do your research - there are many fruits and veggies that are harmful to your pups, so research, make a list, and THEN go to the grocer!!  Your pups will Thank You!!

We will be posting a bunch of treat options for folks who don't have the time to make their own, and some recipes for folks who prefer to bake at home!!!