Tough Pups Pet Day Care Services combine exercise, socialization and fun for a full day away from home. Pups are able to run and play on 5 fenced acres and in large, climate controlled indoor playrooms, all under the watchful eye of a "Pet's Best Friend". Pet's Best Friends are responsible for facilitating a positive experience in each play pack. Pups are separated according to size, temperament, age, and other factors determined by our in house trainer, Leo Sanders. Pups go home tired and content after their very full day! (**Please Note Prices are current as of 5/1/2016**)


Overnight Stays 

Tough Pups approach to "boarding" pups is unique in this area. Choose from group-style boardings or choose a private suite for your pup! Group Style is our preferred method - pups play until they get sleepy in one of the larger play rooms and at dusk, large beds are moved into the rooms for the pups to settle into for the night. Pups usually end up sleeping in groups, often times not hesitating to use the back or rump of a playmate for a pillow! Private Suite accommodations are best suited for pups who dont necessarily play well with others, or for those pups who are a little too shy to handle the fast play paced setting of our group situations. Tough Pups is also the only facility in the area to have staff on hand 24 hours a day so your pups are never left to their own devices.


Playcare Price List

Full Day

Half Day

5 Day Pass



Overnights Price List


One Dog

Two Dogs

Three Dogs

Four Dogs

*Tuesday thru Friday 7am- 7pm
 Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm
We ado not offer playcare to non-boarded guest on Sunday and Mondays

**Half-Day passes are only sold in quantities of 10

***Are valid for 30 days, after that they become inactive and may be re-activatied for 5.00

-Family Pack passes are not able to be split. (each dog will have to purchase an additional pack pass