Grooming Services

We believe in providing your pet a safe, clean and fun-loving grooming experience. Based upon your pet's needs, we offer a variety of grooming services using the best products for your pets.  We specialize in all dog and cat breeds and love to make your pet feel as though it's king or queen of the world while it's spending time with us!  We promise to use our  gentle touch and expert knowledge to put even the most fidgety pet at ease. Your four-legged family member will leave our facility looking and feeling great.


What Your Pet Can Expect

Your pet will start out the grooming process with a invigorating blueberry or hypo-allgernic facial (pets that purchase a full or quick groom service) followed by a relaxing bath with a high quality Pet Shampoo (which is Proudly Made in America), followed by a luxurious conditioning treatmeant containing natural ingredients. Your pets nails are then clipped and filed, their delicate ears cleaned,  a dental treatment is applied, and the haircut and style of your preference is applied, all that  and rounded up by refreshing finishing spritz at the end. 



Basic Bath

Bath, Blow Dry, Finishing Scent (Weight Dependent)
Starts at
$ 20.00

Full Grooming Service 
Includes: Bath, Blow Dry, Blueberry Facial Ear Service, Nail Service, Pet Style Session

Quick Grooming Service  
Includes: Bath, Blow Dry, Blueberry Facial Ear Service, Nail Service,

Hand Scissoring 
Is the art of sculpting hair with scissors.  It is considered to be the most difficult aspect of pet grooming to master and perfect.  
$45 per hour plus cost of Full Groom

Hand Stripping and Carding 
Is a very specialized skills which are performed on predominantly those dogs in the terrier group.  There are few groomers in our area that are able to hand strip to the professional level offered here at Toughpups.  Terriers that are going to be shown must be hand stripped to maintain the required harshness of the coat. We offer a modified stripping technique for pets that maintains good coat texture and skin health.  The process involves plucking the dead hair out of the coat leaving the harsher guard hairs.  As it is a time consuming process and is therefore a bit more costly, many pet owners opt for a clippered trim which closely approximates the traditional look.  The coat of a clippered terrier may be softer in texture.  
$45 per hour with a Two Hour Minimum   

Brushing And Dematting
The first 15 minutes are included in each Full Grooming Service.
Each additional 15 minutes is $10.00  
(Dematting is capped at 45 mins, please see below**)


Spa Services

Blueberry Facial $5.00 
Super gentle, facial scrub exfoliates while removing tear & beard stains finished with a pleasant Blueberry Pie fragrance.Perfect for weekly or monthly bathing gentle cleansers exfoliate the skin, it also removes stains on pet's face 

Paw Soak $5.00 
Most dogs spend the majority of the day on their feet, walking on dirt and concrete, and coming into contact with germs and bacteria. We have the perfect solution with luxurious natural ingredients to give your dogs paws that clean soothing feeling. Deep Cleansing and Sanitizes feet and paws, Helps to fight and eliminate fungus, bacteria and germs. Whitens or brightens the nails natural color also conditions the nails. Replenishes the moisture in the paws, softens the paws.

Nail Painting $5.00
Available in 13 Colors! Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, White, Yellow, Black, Silver, Gold, Neon Pink, Neon Purple, Neon Green, Neon Orange

Medicated Shampoo $7.50
Powerful medicated Chlorhexidine Shampoo works to help combat skin conditions associated with bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms which helps provide fast relief and assists in the healing process. 

Hot Oil Treatments
Mud Treatment
Flea Control
$10.00/ $15.00
Big Dog
$10.00/ 20.00
$40.00 /$20.00/ $15.00
$10.00 per each 15mins

Gland Expressions
Sanitary Trims



Is an art which requires knowledge of breed profiles as well as an artistic eye to create balance, line and form.  Pets may be given a traditional style haircut which follows the breed profile (often with allowances made for such things as coat length that may be difficult to maintain) or a completely new pet style can be created which enhances the the
positive attributes of the pet or reflects the owner’s personal taste or preference.  We can also create wonderful, unique styles for mixed breeds.  Included in Full Grooming

Fluff Drying
Is a process where the pet is placed on the grooming table and dried with a hand held dryer.  The hair is brushed while it is drying.  In the case of most dogs having a scissored style (such as Poodles and Bichons) the coat is also straightened to allow for a more even cut and better finish.  Some pets may start the drying process in a cage with warm (not hot) air blowing on them.  Most pets are finished on the table being fluff dried to add body and style to the final look.  

Brushing And Dematting** 
Is one of the most frequent services we provide and one of the most often misunderstood.  In order for us to properly groom a pet, the coat must be completely tangle free.  This involves being able to run a fine toothed comb from the skin out to the end of the hair shaft.  Many owners who “just brushed him last night” may actually only be brushing the top of the coat and missing dead hair and undercoat next to the skin.  All areas that have friction such as armpits, groin area, under tail, behind ears and around the collar area are prime spots for mats.  Because we often have to spend extra time to remove mats and dead hair we must charge for this time.  Our charge for extra brushing and dematting is $10 per 15 mins (We will cap the dematting time to 45 mins for most breeds).    We are skilled at this process and make every effort to make it as fast and as pain free as possible.  Sometimes a pet will come in that is, in our professional opinion, too matted to be brushed out.  Usually this is a pet that we feel would suffer unduly and our suggestion is to start over again by clipping the coat down short.   We have to go underneath the matting right down to the skin which will result in a smooth look.  It may not be the most attractive look for the pet, but it is the most humane choice.  In healthy pets, the coat will grow right back, and your pet can sport a fluffier trim for future grooms with proper coat maintenance.  More frequent appointments and/or more thorough brushing at home will prevent this from happening again.