Whats new on Toughpups.com

Wow, are we excited to get a lot of this stuff out the door and to you all of our loyal toughpuppers!! It's been months in the making and you have been hearing us mention it in passing but we've made some changes to how things are handled on the backend of Toughpups , that will make your booking any stay or service easy as a "sit" command!

The first thing we'd like to announce is that our online portal is up and running (www.toughpups.com) that's the place to start any of your adventures at Toughpups! new customers can sign up for services, old customers can book services and it's really fast too.
not too mention the fact that you can upload all your vaccination paperwork and even email the staff directly all from one convenient place

Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcement from Toughpups in the coming days!!


What are Paw Points?

Howdy all!  

Our in-house rewards program is split into two parts  

  1. Our digital punch card (you get a star every time you spend more then fifty dollars at Toughpups, ten stars and you get a certificate for 10% off of an order
  2.  Paw Points  these are earned on every purchase that you as the the owner of the pet has scheduled on Toughpups.com using our online scheduling system for every item you purchase you will get Paw Points. They can be spent like cash at Toughpups at anytime they come in handy for unexpected drop-offs, in-house kennel bathes basically any service in house you may apply Paw Points too. There automatically added to your account and you can choose to use them at checkout 

Paw Points  are the easiest way to enhance your stay at Toughpups!